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Power Up Your Digital Marketing With Automation

Save Time, Increase Productivity, Improve ROI
At EmailSoldiers, we create personalized marketing automation for startups and established businesses alike.
Our plans give your business the tools needed to automate, streamline, and measure workflows and marketing tasks. Increase your ROI, boost your operational efficiency, and surpass your rivals. Four in five companies using marketing automation increased their leads, and 77% increased conversions. Are you ready to join them?
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How Can EmailSoldiers Help Your Business?

Are you tired of spending countless hours and funds on your marketing strategy only to get sub-par results? We're here to help.
No matter what your target market is (beauty, finance, wellness, real estate, and so on), you definitely need marketing automation.
You'll get the most bang for your buck and keep up with the competition – just check out these benefits of marketing automation to see how.
Increase Revenue
Marketing automation works with both current and potential customers, increasing your chances to sell more and capture more leads.
Save Time and Effort
Focus on your high-priority tasks like improving your product while your marketing strategy is implemented automatically.
Make a Long-Term Investment
If you're worried about the future of your business, marketing automation is exactly what you need. When you trust experts with automation, you can be confident about your success.
Surpass Your Rivals
Many companies have just a website, a payment system, and one email chain for clients. They're missing out on potential customers – so now is your chance to get your foot in the door.

Why Hire EmailSoldiers for Your Marketing Automation Services?

We work with email, SMS, web push, mobile push, and chatbots, bringing your marketing campaign the best results. Our team is here to help you:
Avoid pitfalls and risks
Don’t risk your company’s success - contact professionals. We’ll share with you all the best practices we’ve learned over our 7 years of expertise and help you implement them.
Save money
We take responsibility for every project we work on. If we take your project, you can be 100% sure that your budget will give you the best results, and it will pay off in the near future.
Save time and your team’s resources
You'll get to focus on other crucial tasks while we’re taking care of your marketing processes.

Our Marketing Automation Workflow

We discuss your project down to the tiniest detail: the channels and platforms you want to use, your brand identity, tone of voice, etc. We determine which stage your company is in now, who your clients are, and where they come from. In order to retain your clients, we develop a strategy.
We work with your current base and/or engage prospects using lead capture strategies.
We set up integrations and platforms or tools (CDPs, ESPs, etc.).
We engage with your current and potential customers across various channels (email, messengers, SMS, etc.).
We provide you with reports and analytics on the results of our work at every stage of your marketing automation campaign.

Meet EmailSoldiers' Marketing Automation Team

helps create a marketing strategy, ensuring that your channels and integrations work smoothly and will provide the best results.
creates compelling copy for all communications, making sure it aligns with the message you want to deliver.
works on your emails, banners, and landing pages - creatively, but also responsibly.
takes care of email production. Thanks to the coder, your email will be correctly displayed - no matter where it’s opened: on an iPhone or MS Outlook.
Learn more about email design and our production services.
Project Manager
always keeps in touch, using your feedback to organize the team's work and ensuring you're happy with the work we’re doing.
Business analyst
analyzes huge chunks of data to help you estimate the effectiveness of your yearly strategy
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Take a Look at Our Most Prominent Results!

Our marketing automation services helped an online beauty store improve its transaction amount by


Our comprehensive email marketing strategy helped a home appliances company make  1,448 orders – for a total of


Our marketing automation campaign helped Vichy achieve a 1.5% increase in conversion, and the average purchase value increased by


Our communications strategy helped a real estate developer  reduce its price for primary appeals by


A welcome series helped a freelance marketplace increase its sales by



Got Some More Questions?

What platforms do you work with?

At EmailSoldiers, we are platform-agnostic. This means that we take into account all the peculiarities of your particular business (your target audience, your niche, the technologies you want to implement) to choose the platform that will give you the best results. We are interested in finding solutions for various tasks and use the best tools to do so.

Some of the platforms we work with are Omnisend, Exponea, Customer.io, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and many more. Contact us if you work with a platform that isn’t listed here; we’d be happy to discuss it with you.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a combination of measures that allow you to automate various business scenarios. Through this automation, you can follow the customer on their journey and pivot them at the exact points of decision-making — thus improving  engagement, retention, reactivation, and other important processes.

How can marketing automation help me?

Marketing automation helps you interact with your clients more effectively. It allows you to create more touchpoints that help:

Make your campaigns more personalized

Retain your clients and increase their lifetime value

Make the best offers for your customers and attract more loyal and paying customers

Monitor consumer behavior and adjust your strategy accordingly

Bring together your goals to create a consistent marketing plan

Create your unique brand identity and tone of voice

When should I use marketing automation?

Do you want to:
Identify, track, and analyze the behavior of your site visitors?
Leverage multichannel benefits?
Engage your leads in an organized and tailored way?
Generate, nurture, and qualify leads?
Implement a smoother lead-to-customer funnel?
Foster smooth collaboration across your marketing and sales efforts?
If so, then marketing automation is a great solution!

Why should I hire a marketing automation agency?

Don’t rely on trial and error: get it right the first time with EmailSoldiers. We do marketing automation for small businesses and larger organizations alike, and we have experience with a wide array of verticals.

How do I choose a marketing automation platform?

There are lots of factors to take into account, including your business goals, your niche, the platform's ease of use and time-to-value, and more. But not to worry: as part of our services, we'll help you select the best platform.

Want to March Our Email Soldiers Into Battle?

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