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After working with Mailchimp for more than 5 years, we know every option which might help you connect to your customers in time in just the right way.
We are a Member of the Mailchimp Partner Program, so let us cover you.

Beautifully designed, finely coded email templates for Mailchimp

Our design team has already created thousands of email templates for various industries such as real estate, ecommerce, fashion, cosmetics, insurance, finance, and others. Our team of HTML Email Developers knows the traits of every email client and meticulously codes each email to have it look good across all devices.
We will create a ready-to-use HTML email template for you which you will be able to paste into Mailchimp and be sure it will display as planned, no matter which screen your subscriber has.
We also can prepare an HTML email template which will be editable in the drag and drop Mailchimp Interface. Find out how it works
Have a look at the emails we've already produced!
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First steps with your Mailchimp account

Starting with Mailchimp is simple, yet can still evoke some confusion. If you need support while beginning this journey, you can rely on us. We will:
set up your account and add the users needed
create subscription forms, add them to your web-site and make sure it transfers subscribers to the proper audience
develop and implement a welcome email sequence for your subscribers
download your contact list if you have one

Welcome journey for your prospects

Welcome email sequence will help you prevent bots from getting into your contact list and provide appropriate onboarding for those who are interested in your services and content.

We are Mailchimp certified

So far on our strive to become Mailchimp partners, we’ve spent quite a bit of time learning in Mailchimp Academy. We’ve received three certifications from Mailchimp, and will continue educating ourselves to always bring the best and up-to-date service to you.

Mailchimp marketing automation

Mailchimp automation will allow you to contact each customer individually at the right time without your participation. There are many options at your disposal:
blog post announcements
onboarding series
birthday emails
abandoned carts
order notifications
re-engagement emails
product feedback after purchase

Building audience

The bigger your contact list is, the more opportunities you have to sell your products. We will help you create appealing subscription forms and add them to your website to grow your Mailсhimp audience.

Audience segmentation

Not all prospects are the same. They are interested in different products and they are in different stages of the funnel. Therefore, the communications should be as well. We are here to group the contacts from your audience based on their data, engagement, purchases, and subscription motivation. We will develop a communication strategy for every group to keep your audience engaged and motivate them to buy more.

Your Mailсhimp account audit

If you just want to ensure that all the sequences and automations work properly, we will  thoroughly analyze your account to make sure that all automations are fully-functional and all forms pass the subscribers into the proper audiences.
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