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A 260% Increase in Sales for an Online Beauty Shop

A 260% Increase in Sales for an Online Beauty Shop

Meet Our Client – Spadream – an Online Beauty Shop That Offers Cosmetics and Fragrance

When we started working with Spadream, they already had several types of triggered emails set up: abandoned cart, abandoned browse, and product recommendation emails.

The company wanted to relaunch promotional email campaigns to increase email revenue.

Step 1. We Set Up the Process of Lead Capture

To grow the subscriber list, we activated a pop-up form on the website offering a a 10% off coupon:

~2500 subscribers per month got collected via a pop-up

5,6% of visitors converted into subscribers

Step 2. We Launched a Welcome Email Series

A new subscription triggered the following email sequence:

  • Subscription
  • Subscription confirmation → the user got a discount
  • No subscription confirmation → the user didn't receive any more emails
  • The subscriber used the discount → they were thanked for their purchase and were told about new products
  • The subscriber didn't use the discount → they received a reminder
  • The subscriber was offered to join the loyalty program.

This is what the emails looked like:

The emails contained dynamic content: new products and the latest offers were uploaded from the website.

Step 3. We Launched Promotional Email Campaigns

We sent promotional emails twice a week. They told the subscribers about new products, offers, and discounts.

Step 4. We Sent Curated Content Emails

Once a week the subscribers received a selection of products from a beauty expert. It contained the products according to the topic, for example, "the products you should try this fall".

Those emails were of educational character rather than promotional. Unfortunately, they brought 5-6 times less revenue than promotional campaigns, so we stopped sending them.

Step 5. We Launched Triggered Emails

There already were some types of triggered emails (like abandoned cart emails) when we started working on the project.

Segment-Based Emails

Every time a customer entered a new level (spent a certain amount of money), they got an email telling them their discount had increased.

Emails for Regular Customers

Regular customers, who spent a certain amount of money on the products, received a coupon for 7% off.

Reactivation Emails

We tested two email variations:

The first one turned out to be more effective, so we decided to go with it. It helped us reactivate 2% of the passive subscribers. The email was sent when the subscriber didn't open emails within 90 days.


We started working on the project in July 2017 and by December 2017 we saw a 260% increase in the revenue from the email channel.


We managed to achieve such results by combining triggered, welcome, and promotional emails

+260% increase in sales of the online shop

2% of passive subscribers were reactivated

80% Open Rate

Andrey Blagov
Leading CRM Marketer
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