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How Email Marketing Done By Pros Helped Increase Engagement

How Email Marketing Done By Pros Helped Increase Engagement

In this case study, you'll learn why popular brands like Miele Canada choose EmailSoldiers, how we create email marketing strategies for our clients and what goals our team helps them achieve.

About The Client

Miele Canada is one of the international offices of a German home appliances manufacturer that has both online and offline stores. Miele offers premium goods and quality customer service. 

Why Miele Canada Chose Email Marketing

Miele Canada had already tapped into email marketing as a part of their global strategy: their communications included promotional and triggered campaigns. They saw how effective email marketing could be, so they were ready to start working with us.

Why Miele Canada Chose EmailSoldiers

We'd worked with Miele before their email volume increased and we’d managed to prove we were a reliable and competent team.

Miele were also looking for Flexmail Flexmail is a Belgian email
marketing platform that allows
design custom emails and campaigns.
experts. This is where our Marctech team came in, ready to master a new platform. However, later we moved to Bloomreach as it provided more freedom and flexibility.

Client’s Goals & Objectives

Miele Canada’s customers could shop both offline and online. In most cases, customers preferred to buy home appliances in offline stores, so Miele Canada needed to increase online sales.

Email marketing could help them win more online sales: it was a great way to send bulk email notifying customers of upcoming discounts/sales and providing personalized offers for clients

The Client’s Main Objectives

  1. Increase online sales;
  2. Keep subscribers regularly updated about upcoming special offers;
  3. Promote marketing projects (e.g. Name Your Tree);
  4. Segment the audience for personalized email campaigns;

How EmailSoldiers Helped Miele Canada Achieve Their Goals:

1. We prepared for the production stage based on our previous experience with Miele and other clients;

2. We introduced our own ideas for email campaigns while staying within the client's content plan and guidelines. For example:

- we made several curated content campaigns about Miele products connected with various holidays, like our First Day of School email campaign promoting home appliances that make one's life easier;

miele canada curated content email for the first day of school

- or a National Dog Day email about vacuum cleaners best fit for people with pets;

miele canada promo email for national dog day

- we also suggested letting subscribers take a break from the usual promo emails and created several useful campaigns, e.g. we made an email with a… seafood recipe!

miele canada promo email with a seafood recipe

Such campaigns helped to show that the brand cares about the clients.

3. We segmented the subscribers and delivered personalized content to them, for example:

- when sending a campaign about dishwashers we excluded those clients who bought one within last 3 years, considering the appliance’s life-time and other factors (e.g. moving to another place);

- we also considered whether a client had appliances of a certain model when sending campaigns on accessories and household chemicals for these models of the products.

Email Templates for Miele Canada

For instance, in the first email, besides telling about the strong points of Miele’s new vacuum cleaner, we also made a great offer that allowed the customers to save money and get a 5-year warranty on their purchase. This strategy not only draws attention to the product but also fosters customer loyalty.

miele canada promo email about their brand new vacuum cleaner

The second email also provides information about a Miele product with a 360-degree view of it. With four pictures and four short lines of text, we highlighted the strengths of the new vacuum cleaner saving subscribers' time.

miele canada promo email about their new vacuum bot

Results of Our Work

Average Open Rate turned

57.71% thanks to personalized promotional email campaigns

Average Click Rate turned

4.94% thanks to the content and the mechanics implemented into the promotional campaign

Average Click-Through-Rate grew to

8.58% because of the advanced segmentation and targeted curated content campaigns targeted at certain segments of the Miele Canada subscribers

Did You Like What You Saw? We Can Help You Too

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