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About us

We're EmailSoldiers

We care about helping you boost revenue and get long-term results.
When you revamp your email marketing strategy with EmailSoldiers, you’ll get to boost your revenue, retain loyal customers, and get valuable, data-driven insights.
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Why Choose Email Soldiers?

Why should you march EmailSoldiers into battle? Since our company’s conception, we’ve helped over 150 clients, and our team of professionals has grown to over 100! We care about every detail of your marketing campaign and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Our multi-step process, which includes an audit, strategy, email design, campaign management, and analytics, is tailored to your company and will drive long-lasting results.
So, what are you waiting for? Join our clients that are highly satisfied with our services!

Our Core Values


We take responsibility for ourselves,  our team, and our clients.


This drives results – and when the client’s project is successful,  we are as well. Our team members are heavily involved in their projects; they are reliable and dedicated to satisfying the client.


This takes a lot of work; our relationship with a client starts as soon as they come across us on social media or read a blog post. We work hard to maintain our authority in the field and to honor the client’s trust from the first communication onwards. And just as you trust us, we are confident in you.


We’ll dive into the details about your project, providing honest predictions, estimates, and insights from data.

Strive for Improvements

We always ask ourselves: how can we make your solution better? How can we drive results? We brainstorm, implement, and re-assess.

Simple and Fun

We know how to work AND have fun! We take pleasure in marketing, and we keep things simple – no dress code,   no bureaucracy, no complicated communication structure or processes.

Marketing Automation Services from EmailSoldiers

Automate your marketing and save countless hours. We can handle your entire marketing strategy from start to finish: concepts, implementation,  and analysis. EmailSoldiers will handle your content marketing, email automation push notifications, reporting, and more!

Our Major Fields of Experience


Email Marketing for Real Estate Companies

ROI from the use of online communications
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$1.2 mln+

Email & Marketing Automation for Ecommerce

increase in an online store’s sales as a result of our email newsletters
view case study


Email Marketing for B2B Companies

to monthly sales for the service that connects customers and clients
view case study


Email & Marketing Automation for Beauty Brands

increase in average purchase amount following trigger campaigns
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Meet the Team!
Meet the Team!


Have More Questions?

How can email marketing make my business money?

Email marketing is a great tool to grow your business. Just a few ways include getting repeat purchases, implementing a cart abandonment plan, and cross-selling related products.

Can’t I just find cheaper email & marketing automation elsewhere?

Sure, you can find plenty of email marketing companies that promise to deliver huge results for cheap prices. But with EmailSoldiers, every member of our team is an expert in the field; you won’t encounter delivery issues and design problems that could occur with less experienced firms. Don’t risk losing your audience; let our team of experts boost your email marketing strategy!

How many people are in your agency?

We currently have over 100 dedicated professionals on our team.

How do we start the email marketing process with EmailSoldiers?

Simply fill out our contact form for a consultation! We’ll get back to you and set up a free consultation.

Do you comply with GDPR?

Yes, we are fully compliant with GDPR; EmailSoldiers does not endorse data scraping or spammy practices.