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EmailSoldiers would be happy to help if:

  • You've already built your communications on Marketo and want to continue
    You already got set and ready to go communications in Marketo and can’t wait to go on. This is where our team of Marketo certified experts come in. We'll help improve your strategies and make sure you're getting the most out of your customer data.
  • You haven't worked with Marketo, but you think it's a good move for your business
    You don’t have any Marketo experience, however, you believe it can be an effective decision for your business. We'll help you set up everything and develop a strategy to achieve the best results.
  • You're thinking about trying Marketo for your business, but you're not sure whether it will work for you
    You have some thoughts about trying Marketo for your business, but you need a Marketo consultant’s advice on whether it will or won’t work for you. Just book a free consultation so we can help you find out whether it fits your goals.

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Our designers and coders put their heart into every email they produce. Discover our email design world on Pinterest.
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What we can help you with on Marketo

Client Reviews

reviews client miele
“We’ve taken the client’s project in many directions, and when demand in email marketing arose, we handed the work over to you. The important part is that the client had absolutely no clue that we were two independent companies. We were working by white label, and it was rather comfortable, as your response time was operative and you’ve completely covered the client’s needs and tasks in this direction on your side."
reviews client mielereviews client miele
“EmailSoldiers is an extremely competent and proficient agency. Their enthusiasm and knowledge of the email space is evident in their work. We’ve been happy utilising their services.”
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Got Some More Questions?

What if I need help with platforms besides Marketo?

In this case, we’ll be happy to assist you and answer any of your questions about various ESPs or MAPs. Some of the platforms we work with are Omnisend, Exponea, Customer.io, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and many more.

Just fill out the form below and book a free consultation with our Marketo consultants and wait. We’ll analyze your project and pick the platform that fits you best.

Why resort to Marketo for data management?

Marketo utilizes AI for audiences segmentation and multitouch attribution across every touchpoint. It also provides a deep dive into customer's experience and content personalization.Thanks to all these features, Marketo is a great choice to manage your data and we'd be happy to help you with this task.

How can marketing automation help me?

Marketing automation helps you interact with your clients more effectively. It allows you to create more touchpoints that help:

—   Make your campaigns more personalized

—   Retain your clients and increase their lifetime value

—   Make the best offers for your customers and attract more loyal and paying customers

—   Monitor consumer behavior and adjust your strategy accordingly

—   Bring together your goals to create a consistent marketing plan

—   Create your unique brand identity and tone of voice

When should I use marketing automation?

Do you want to:

—   Identify, track, and analyze the behavior of your site visitors?

—   Leverage multichannel benefits?

—   Engage your leads in an organized and tailored way?

—   Generate, nurture, and qualify leads?

—   Implement a smoother lead-to-customer funnel?

—   Foster smooth collaboration across your marketing and sales efforts?

If so, then marketing automation is a great solution!

Why should I hire a marketing automation agency?

Don’t rely on trial and error: get it right the first time with EmailSoldiers. We do marketing automation for small businesses and larger organizations alike, and we have experience with a wide array of verticals.

How do I choose a marketing automation platform?

There are lots of factors to take into account, including your business goals, your niche, the platform's ease of use and time-to-value, and more. But not to worry: as part of our services, we'll help you select the best platform.

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