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Case Study

Triggered Emails for Beauty Brands — Сampaign Support for Vichy

Vichy launched an online diagnostics campaign offering users to get a better understanding of their skin and hair needs and to receive a personalized skin and hair care routine together with a tailor-made Vichy product prescription.

Vichy collaborated with several companies to implement the project:
– BBDO, McCann, and The Head were responsible for coding and designing the landing page.
– Oggetto Web set up system integration.
– Our team, EmailSoldiers, worked on sending email campaigns using the necessary data.

Alina Baikarova
Senior CRM Manager
at EmailSoldiers
Mariam Magomedova
Ecommerce Manager of Vichy(L'Oreal Russia)
Dmitriy Lukin
Email Designer
at EmailSoldiers
Alexander Gurkov
HTML Developer
at EmailSoldiers
There Were Three Projects Within the Campaign:
the user uploaded a selfie that was analyzed by AI to discover their skin strengths and areas of focus. Based on the result, they were offered a customized skincare routine recommendation.
the user filled out a survey to get skincare recommendations including tips from skin experts and a list of products.
Dercos Hair Health Code
the user answered a series of questions to get a personalized hair care routine and a set of recommended Vichy products.
The mechanics of every project was almost the same, but Decros Hair Health Code was a bit different from a technical point of view. This is why the case study focuses on this project to show you how we worked on the campaign.
The User's Perspective
At the final stage, the user received a dynamic email with the results of the diagnostics as well as the hair care recommendations.
Behind the Scenes
The project was technically challenging as it required integrating the landing, the Magento platform, and the Mindbox marketing automation platform.
The following types of data were used in the project:
User data: email addresses, results of the diagnostics (hair type, hair problems, hair and scalp needs);
EAN code: a unique combination of numbers assigned to a specific product;
Text recommendations from the specialists for different skin and hair types
This is the data the systems exchanged
Our part of the work was to make sure the triggered emails displayed the right data for every user.
For the email to be sent from the Mindbox marketing automation platform, we set up two operations:

  • Operation 1 — collecting the necessary personal data. After the user had answered the questions, two more fields were autocompleted in their profile: hair type and scalp type.

  • Operation 2 — sending the email with the following content:
    A Unique Promo Code
    It could be used only once to get a discount on the selection of recommended products. The user needed to buy at least 2 items from the selection.
    Recommended Products
    All product details were in the email: product name, description, and price. The user could add an item to the cart straight from the email. All the information was dynamically added to the email from the feed and we only used the EAN code of the product in the email settings.
    Expert Recommendations
    Professional hair and scalp care tips were stored on the Magento platform. They were combined based on the testing results and added straight to the email.
    Color Code for a Product Selection
    Color Code
    For each Vichy product, a certain color was assigned. When a personalized product selection was compiled for the user, a unique color code was created, like this one:
    In this color code, products are ciphered in the order of their application. For example, shampoo is step 1, its color goes first, conditioner is step 2, its color goes after shampoo, easy comb spray is step 3.
    After the user was through with the diagnostics, they saw expert recommendations together with a color code on the landing page. The code was built with the help of JavaScript: the colors of every product were put together in one image.

    This is where the tricky part started: emails didn't support JavaScript codes, it supported only HTML.

    As we've already said, each product had a unique EAN code. When an EAN code was added to the email, the information about the product appeared there as well. The problem was that the order of EAN codes was random, while the color code was formed according to the hair care routine.

    For each product included in the project, we created a custom field for the serial number in the Mindbox marketing automation platform and numbered them manually.

    In the email, we created boxes for the parts of the color code.
    In each box with an image, we created an empty array where we put a variable. Product colors served as variables. Pictures were added to the email in accordance with the two conditions:

    the type of the product - X;
    the step of the routine it should be applied at - serial number Y.

    This is how this part of an email looked like at that stage:
    This is what the user saw:
    Results the Brand Got from the Campaign
    Within the campaign, we worked on three projects with Vichy. It is important to note that the brand would benefit from the projects in the future: firstly, they had grown their subscriber base; secondly, they had gathered user data that could be used in other campaigns to created effective targeted offers.
    The purchase conversion rate for triggered emails was 1,5% higher than that for the promotional emails with the topic "Haircare".

    2000+ people got diagnosed, with the total number of users coming up to ~3000 times.
    50% of users used the promo code from the email to purchase recommended products.
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