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How to Optimize Your Loyalty Program with an Ecommerce Survey

How to Optimize Your Loyalty Program with an Ecommerce Survey

A premium quality hair care brand Kérastase made the following request: to conduct an eсommerce survey and analyze the products and services that were most popular with the members of their loyalty program. The goal of this ecommerce survey was to find out whether they liked the options for exchanging reward points, and learn what else their users would like to see. 

An effective loyalty program satisfies the needs of your customers (pretty obvious, huh?). One more simple fact: that’s true for absolutely every brand.

But how can you understand that your clients are happy with your loyalty program and the opportunities it gives them?

Well, we’re here to answer your question!

Ecommerce Survey for Kérastase

We partnered with managers on the client side to create an ecommerce survey because who knows the brand's target audience better than them? Our technical solution was to divide the email audience into segments according to the location of the users and their loyalty program levels. 

Bearing in mind the basics of RFM analysis, we segmented the members of the loyalty program according to location and their loyalty program levels:

Division of the members of the loyalty program into 9 segments according to their location and the cost of their purchases for the last year.

So, we got a matrix that consisted of 9 segments. Then, we sent a letter with only a “Take a survey” button to all the members of the loyalty program. 

An email for the members of the loyalty program with a request to take part in a survey.
Recipient matrix: 9 segments

We made separate links with unique UTM tags for each of the 9 segments, but all of them led to the same ecommerce survey. We implemented this segmentation to get isolated data for each category. 

What Questions to Include in an Ecommerce Survey

There were only 5 questions in the survey.

4 questions were closed-ended:

  1. Do you use Kérastase beauty services?
  2. Would you like to spend your reward points in Kérastase beauty salons?
  3. How would you like to earn reward points apart from your purchases?
  4. What would you like to spend your reward points on except buying goods?

There also was one open-ended question allowing the clients to give detailed feedback: “Do you have any suggestions for the Kérastase brand?”

This format allowed us to see the general picture for each segment and get feedback with customers’ suggestions for the brand.

Ecommerce Survey for Kérastase: the Results

9 email campaigns were sent

74% of members of the loyalty program started the survey

72% of respondents got to the final slide

A matrix with the result of the ecommerce survey, including the number of views, actions, and conversion rate for each of the questions.
The conversion rate of opening the next slide: from 69% to 100%

From 50 to 72% of respondents completed the survey (that’s something to be proud of!).

The numbers were different because we chose clicking the button as the target action. If for some reason a person failed to do it, this action wasn’t included in the conversion rate. 

You can see from the chart that the last step had the lowest conversion rate. There’s a reasonable explanation for it. The "Start Shopping" button (our target action) wasn't the only way to finish the survey: the participants could also click the X icon or any outer area. Still, 69% of respondents clicked the “Start Shopping” button.

The final slide of the ecommerce survey for Kerastase containing a  discount coupon for each of the respondents.
The final slide of the survey

3 Factors that Increase Conversion Rate in Ecommerce Surveys

A warm and loyal audience

We conducted a survey among the members of a premium product’s Loyalty Program.

Little effort from the customers

Just 5 questions that won’t overwhelm the customer.


Each respondent got a discount coupon.


Based on the collected statistics, we made diagrams and analyzed the tendencies: which category of customers preferred this or that format, and how the votes were divided in general.

For example, this ecommerce survey showed that most of the respondents hadn’t used beauty services yet, though they were willing to spend their reward points on this category. This meant we were going in the right direction and needed to create new customer activation mechanics and triggers for the loyalty program members.  

Most of the audience wanted to spend reward points on testers (53,26%). At the same time, only 5,13% of the respondents would exchange their reward points for discount certificates for their friends (why spend money on others when you can spend it on yourself?). This was the least popular answer, so the brand wouldn’t put much effort into developing this option.

Bottom line: a simple ecommerce survey can help you boost customer loyalty without much effort. 

If you also want to have such good results in studying your audience and improving conversion rates, feel free to contact us using the form below!

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