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Download a Marketing Performance Report Template in Google Sheets
March 23, 2023

Download a Marketing Performance Report Template in Google Sheets

A marketing performance report is a powerful tool that helps marketers increase the effectiveness of their campaigns, analyze their performance, and keep all the data in order.

We'd like to share the marketing report template that we use at EmailSoldiers. It's a Google sheet that has several marketing reports dedicated to various performance metrics:

  • blog rates: articles views, people subscribed after certain posts, organic traffic;
  • email marketing report template: email marketing metrics, database growth, open & click rates, etc.;
  • Facebook page performance: subscribers growth, daily reach, viral reach, post impressions;
  • Facebook ads report;
  • organic traffic report.

You can download the report at the bottom of this page or just click the button above to get the report straight away! 

How to Fill In This Marketing Report Template

You will have to fill in some data on the pages manually, and other data will be calculated automatically with the help of formulas. 

Every report page has instructions on how to fill it out and where to get data from. Let us tell you more about each page of this marketing report. 

How to Use the Email Marketing Report Template

Our email marketing report template helps you track the basic metrics of an email campaign: Open Rate, Deliveries, Unsubscribes, and some other monthly rates. If necessary, you can add other metrics to this email marketing report template and customize it as you please. Import the data for this report from your ESP or marketing automation platform. 

This report also provides you with pre-built formulas that save your time and let you fill in the fields in a few minutes. 

Facebook Page & Facebook Ads Report Templates

These reports let you track the performance of your Facebook page as well as your Facebook ad campaigns. These Facebook reports help you monitor such metrics as:

  • Content views and user activities on your Facebook page;
  • Audience dynamics;
  • Money spent on Facebook ad campaigns;
  • Goals and reach of your Facebook ads.

Mind that you need the data from the Facebook Page Admin Panel and Facebook Ads Manager to fill in this report. 

Blog Performance & Organic Traffic Reports 

This set of marketing reports lets you monitor the performance of your blog and track the website traffic. 

Generally, you can get all the needed data from Google Analytics. One report requires statistics on the search results: for this, you'll need a special tool, for example, Ahrefs. If there is no opportunity to fill this data in, you can just skip this step for now.

Final Words 

You’ll easily fill in these marketing reports if you have elementary skills in working with Google Sheets and can access the necessary data.

This marketing report template may become a great start for you to build your own performance report. When you start filling out the sheets, you will probably better understand what numbers are important in your case and will be able to transform our report into your own.

Darya Antonyuk
Internet Marketer