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Email Marketing

Corporate Birthday: How to Congratulate Your Email Subscribers

Email Marketing
Corporate Birthday: How to Congratulate Your Email Subscribers
Congratulations to subscribers on the company's birthday is an effective email marketing tool: in fact, it may help you foster customer loyalty and increase sales. We'll tell you how to congratulate subscribers on your corporate birthday to get the most from this email campaign.

Why You Should Congratulate the Clients on the Company's Birthday

To Check In

Marketers are always in search of an excuse to text a client; however, this excuse often turns out to be strained, like some obscure professional holiday or the third Tuesday of January. Birthdays are a good excuse: 73% of marketers qualify such emails of congratulations as pretty effective. The client is more likely to open this email and won't unsubscribe from the newsletter, especially if there will be something besides the birthday message.

To Recall the Past

It is customary to sum up the results both at the end of the calendar year and at a certain age. This can be done not only by a person but also by a brand, especially if it has something to boast about. You can tell about your personal development, look back at the history of interactions with clients, and see your company as an already experienced one. Staying on the market for even a year is already a decent thing, and the longer, the better. In business, great age has no disadvantages.

To Tell About the Present Time

A celebration email can be used to share the brand's latest news, tell about some important events, or active promos. Also, as it is the company's birthday, not the client's, it won't look like bragging. You can talk about how the brand came to celebrate this holiday and the way it does this. It'll probably be interesting for the readers.

To Give Some Hints About the Future

Another good excuse to write a corporate birthday email is your own plans. Share all of your prospects with the readers: from new positions to future promos and development plans. It's like you are having a holiday, but the gifts go to them.

To Give Gifts

A personal bonus or sales in honor of the holiday are things that would be very nice to get in an email. Thanks to this, the subscribers will eagerly wait for your next birthday. Don't worry, you'll also get some gifts: they will be new orders. Increased loyalty will be your bonus, too.

Corporate Birthday Email: What to Consider

Festive Decoration

The newsletter should bring joy to the readers. It can be a small postcard or a longread, but it should be decorated in a festive manner. Let the illustrators add a cake and party poppers. You can decorate it in a more interesting way: for example, use your own products or have a photoshoot for your employees. The main idea is that everyone should feel the birthday spirit.
Design of Email Campaigns: a Complete Manual

Matching Your Own Image and Tone of Voice

Though newsletters are usually decorated with a uniform pattern, it doesn't mean that all the emails should resemble each other. You can diverge from time to time. If it is some real estate development company's birthday, its email can be strict and written in an official manner, demonstrating the brand's experience and reliability, just as always. On the other hand, if a fast-food restaurant chain celebrates another year of business, it's possible to write something funnier: for example, to imagine what would be on its party table.

Brand Personalization

Imagine it's not a company's birthday, but a person's one. What would they like to tell their friends, how would they decide to spend their time, and what would they do before and after the celebration? Ask yourself these and similar questions and describe the answers in your email. Tell about how this year went for the brand and what was good about it. You can also add information on the way you celebrate the holiday (if it follows your general image and doesn't damage the working process). All of this will put your brand in a good light and win more of the clients' favor.

It's a Holiday for the Clients Too

Here's the idea that you must bring home to the clients: the brand's birthday is a holiday not only for the company but also for the clients. You aren't here just to boast (you shouldn't even write a letter about this), but you want to increase the clients' loyalty. Just try to evoke emotions in the reader comparable with the joy of being at a friend's birthday party. If you succeed in doing this, it means your email did well.

Company's Birthday Email: What NOT To Write

Don't Ask for Congratulations

Of course, we usually get gifts, not to give them on our birthday, but you shouldn't remind your clients of this. The idea of placing a new order being the best gift for you, even if presented in a soft and polite manner, may seem insolent and annoying. Don't ask for anything from the client, even for such an occasion. On the contrary, give them everything yourself.

Don't Use the Same Annual Template

Using the same email design every year is just like sending the same postcard annually. It's easy, of course, but it has no fantasy and brings no joy. It's also not worth writing about yourself sticking to a template. Let the text be fresh and relevant: such an email will draw more of the readers' attention, while an email with an old format and text may be regarded as a token of disrespect by the reader.

Don't Focus All Attention on Yourself

Share your joy, let the readers become a part of the holiday. Use phrases such as "Only thanks to you...", "If it was not for you...", "Your interest helps us...". What can be better in a birthday person's speech than them pointing out everyone who came to the celebration?

Examples of Birthday Emails

Here are several nice emails that various companies used to congratulate the clients on the corporate birthday.


Mattresses, bed linen and other products for a bedroom production company Casper gifts their subscribers a 10% off promo code for their fifth birthday. If the discount percentage is connected to the age of the brand, we're eagerly waiting for Casper to turn 50!

Cotton Bureau

The t-shirt store Cotton Bureau also gives gifts on the occasion of its third birthday, but these are not just some ordinary discounts - these are special products and promos directly connected to the number of sales.


Vitamins manufacturer Care/of tells about their development in numbers: the amount of vitamins produced, the amount of apps launched and the number of dogs living in the office. It not only indicates the status, but also is cute.


The educational portal theSkimm celebrates five years on the market and shares the statistics - not general, but personal. It shares when the subscriber joined and calculates the amount of days they've spent together. From a technical point of view, it's harder to personalize an email this way than to just roll out the same numbers for everyone, but it's more interesting.


And the video game Fortnite mainly gets the reader with the help of artwork. An email with a minimal amount of text looks festive, making you want to join the game right now.

Key Takeaways

Email marketing is a rare area where even your birthday can help you increase profit. You just need to compose a corporate birthday email properly, and you will be able to extract tangible benefits from it. It is unlikely that you can think of a better gift for a brand's holiday.
Mikhail Terentyev
The Founder and the Head of Mailfit and Letteros
Mikhail Terentyev
The Founder and the Head of Mailfit and Letteros
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