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Marketing Report Template for B2B

A Google sheet with metrics, formulas, and instructions on filling it out.
We've gathered a marketing template (including an email marketing report template), which we use ourselves, in a Google sheet. It has several pages dedicated to various directions of marketing work:
  • blog rates: articles views, people subscribed after certain posts, organic traffic;
  • email campaign metrics with blog updates (email marketing report template): database growth, open rate, clicks;
  • Facebook page rates: subscribers growth, daily reach, viral reach, post impressions;
  • Facebook advertising campaigns report;
  • organic traffic changes report.
You will have to fill in some data into the pages manually, other data will be calculated automatically with the help of formulas.
Every report page has instructions on how to fill it out and where to get data from. Generally, you can get all the needed data from Google Analytics, Facebook Page Admin Panel, Facebook Ads Manager reports. One report requires statistics on the search results. For this, you'll need a special tool, for example, Ahrefs. If there is no opportunity to fill this data in by now, just skip this step.
Working with it will require elementary skills of working with sheets and access to data.
This template may become a great start for you to build your own performance report. In the process of filling out the sheets, you will probably better understand what numbers are important for you exactly and will be able to transform our report into your own.
Authors of the Material:
Nadezhda Pominova
Head Marketer