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Who the Heck Is Kolya From Burger King?

Who the Heck Is Kolya From Burger King?

Have you heard of Kolya from Burger King? Maybe you are one of 7 million people who know him

Kolya appeared in June of 2018. By that time, Burger King and EmailSoldiers had already started leveraging the email channel as it held a lot of potential.

As of January 2018, there were 4 million contacts on Burger King email list that wasn't monetized. The contacts were collected via mobile app: the users entered their email address while signing in. Our first email campaign was inspired by a new version of the mobile app that was released at that time ― we decided to offer the subscribers to download it.

The campaign showed some good results.

We Got Excited and Started Launching More Campaigns

Our goal was to boost metrics, but we needed to create content that would stand out in the inbox for that. Following the steps of other brands would mean loosing our voice in the noisy data, so we decided to pave our own way.

In the emails (their number had come to 1 billion) we decided to engage in a dialogue with the audience. We started from building an image of a friendly acquaintance that would later grow into a character exclusively associated with Burger King. The character would share their stories and tell people about latest deals and discounts.

This is how Kolya from Burger King came to life.

Kolya Got Personal

Kolya Used Emojis

Kolya Created Cohesive Messages Combining the Sender Name and the Subject Line

The readers started following Kolya's journey.

When Kolya Fell in Love ❤️...

… the readers showed up for Kolya

When Kolya promised to wrap the subscribers up …

... ladies lost it

Kolya Was a Hot Topic Everywhere

Kolya always kep his mission in mind. He brought new app users increasing the revenue by 18%

The bigger the email list was, the more app users there were. The more app users there were, the higher the revenue was. The email list grew by 75% in a year and a half.

Meet the project team 🍔

Project Team
Andrey Blagov, calls the shots on the project on EmailSoldiers' side
Nikolay Selishev, calls the shots on the project on Burger King's side
Kleiber, do the design and HTML layout of the campaigns
EmailSoldiers Team
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